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Rules of Stallion Licensing

Rules governing the licensing of stallions as approved by Council on 29 January 2008

Byelaw 12 of the Suffolk Horse Society dated 6th December 1993 and amended 26th November 2002 states:

“A stallion to be used for breeding must be both entered in the Stud Book and licenced following a veterinary inspection to ensure he is free from hereditary defects.  In order to obtain a stallion licence a stallion must be inspected by two inspectors appointed by the Society not earlier than the January of the year in which the stallion attains his second birthday.”
The following rules apply if a stallion is to be used for breeding: –

1. The stallion must be entered in the Pedigree register of the Suffolk Horse Society stud-book.
2. The stallion must have a minimum four-generation pedigree of horses that have themselves been
entered in the Pedigree register of the Suffolk Horse Society stud-book.

3. The stallion must be chesnut. White markings are permissible on the face and a small number of white or silver hairs, well blended with the chesnut, are acceptable.  No white allowed on the legs.

4. Examination of the stallion must not be before he has reached the age of two years (using standard horse reckoning).

5. The stallion must have achieved a minimum height of 15.2hh by the second anniversary
of his date of birth. Note 1

6. The stallion must be examined by a veterinary surgeon specialising in equine matters to ensure that he is free from hereditary defects. The veterinary surgeon must submit his/her report on a form provided by the Suffolk Horse Society. Note 2 & Note 3

7. Having passed his veterinary examination the stallion must be examined by two inspectors appointed by the Society. They will assess him against the breed standard and submit a written report on a form provided by the Society. Note 3

8. The examining veterinary surgeon will take a blood sample for the purpose of DNA analysis with the aim of holding a DNA record for all stallions.

9. To allow the Society to compile data for statistical analysis girth and bone measurements of candidate stallions will be taken at age 2.  Owners will be required to allow the taking of such measurements but they will not be used as indicators in the assessment process until such time as Council has sufficient data to assess a desirable average, at which time an addition may be made to the regulations.

Note 1 The measurement must be made by the examining veterinary surgeon with an allowance made for shoes.

Note 2 The stallion must be handleable, including allowing his feet to be picked up.  He must be able to be lunged.  If this is not the case his examination will be deferred and the second inspection will be at the expense of the owner.

Note 3 The examining veterinary surgeon and the Society inspectors will each check the animal against its passport.

Foal Watch

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12/06/17 Grains Hill Lilly Rose

04/06/17 Nedging Rose

02/06/17 Grane Valley Judith

30/05/17 Chatsworth Princess Beatrice

27/05/17 Newpole Maurice

19/05/17 Grane Valley Davie

18/05/17 Tas Valley Gina

18/05/17 Eyke May

12/05/17 Holbeache Quill

10/05/17 Farnsfield Fay

07/05/17 Newpole Morpheus

07/05/17  Holbeache Quest

04/05/17 Holbeache Quincy

03/5/17 Ballaseyr Mandy

26/04/17 Colony Dorothy

23/04/17   - Ruby

25/04/17 Euston Sir Percival 

21/04/17 Farnsfield Fluke

17/04/17 Euston Sir Galahad

09/04/17  Pickworth Violet

08/04/17   Samford Emerald

04/03/17   Tas Valley Hope's Glory

26/01/17  Bluegum Lady Alice

Please don't forget to notify the SHS Office if you have a Suffolk birth, within a week of the birth, for monitoring of the breed and to receive your Foal Package.

Send a photograph and a few words on how the foal is doing to the SHS Office for sharing here.

IMPORTANT - Horse Passports

Attention all Suffolk horse owners.

Is your Equine Passport up to date? UK Equine Passport legislation changed on 1st January 2016.  You MUST tell us IMMEDIATELY if

  • your horse has died and you have not returned the passport
  • if you have bought a horse and not arranged for the passport to be endorsed into your name

Trading standards can fine owners in possession of incorrect passports.  Click here to see the Legal Responsibility of Owners.

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