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Any Membership, Passport or general queries please email:  info@suffolkhorsesociety.org.uk

Foaling or Covering emergencies please phone 07757 995594 or 07764487707

To see the Covid-19 Restrictions for owners of breeding mares and stallions, please follow this link: https://www.suffolkhorsesociety.org.uk/horse-business/covid-19-guidelines/


Did you know, the Suffolk horse breed, as we know it today, can be traced back to 1768?

The Suffolk Horse Society (SHS) was founded in 1877 and since then has maintained the stud book and the breed standard. We are the ONLY charity that supports all Suffolk horse owners and breeders.

Suffolk Horses are registered as Critically Endangered by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Less than 500 pure bred Suffolk horses are registered in the UK now, making them more endangered that the Giant Panda. The Suffolk Horse Society raise funds to pay for breeding grants, showing grants, and for research into breeding techniques to prevent the breed from dying out. 

Traditionally the Suffolk Horse was bred to work the clay soil of East Anglia, but today the Suffolk Horse has become a more versatile breed. It is still used for agricultural work, ploughing and timber hauling, particularly in conservation areas. But it is also shown in-hand and in turnout classes. It is driven in parades, promotions, competitions, and Suffolk horses are increasingly being ridden and even compete in gymkhana and agility!

How can you help?

By becoming a member of the SHS.

Your subscription and donations will help fund what this charity does:

• Pays Breeding Grants to Mare & Stallion Owners.

• Pays Travel Grants to owners to help promote the horse, enabling more people to see these wonderful animals.

• Organises Training days for Members and new owners to help pass on the skills required to manage and work these horses.

• Maintains a bank of frozen semen for future use by breeders worldwide.

• Funds veterinary and scientific work to assist in the breeding of Suffolk Horses. 

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Have a look through our pages, and if you can't find the information you need, then feel free to contact the office on 01394 460621 or sec@suffolkhorsesociety.org.uk

See Our Newest Foals

At the Suffolk Horse Society, we are working hard with owners of the Suffolk Horse to encourage breeding in order to increase numbers.

With their hard work, dedication and commitment, we are seeing increasing numbers of foals born each year. In 2019, there were 34 foals in total. From February/March onwards, the first foals start to arrive, and as they do, they will be added to the website.

There are now 20 foals!

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Latest News

Springtime at SHS

Foals! Foals! Foals!

It's our favourite time of the year at the Suffolk Horse Society, with notifications coming in thick and fast about the new foals arriving.

Please check our Facebook page facebook.com/Suffolkhorsesociety for the most recent updates, and our Foal Watch page on the website suffolkhorsesociety.org.uk/horse-business/foal-watch/

On the 1st of May, the total stands at 15 foals on the ground - 9 of which are colts, and 6 are fillies. (The figure on the Foal Page is slightly below this as we wait for permission to announce names)

If you are a breeder, please don't forget to notify us as soon as possible of all foalings, so that we can send you out your registration form.

Spring 2020 Magazine

Suffolk Horse Magazine

Keep your eyes peeled for your Suffolk Horse magazine popping through your letterbox soon, if you are an SHS Member.

You will find 2 books of raffle tickets enclosed for our Spring Draw, with the chance to win £300.  There are some great articles inside, including the 2020 Stallion Listing, and news and photographs from many of last year's shows.

If you haven't received your magazine, or would like extra raffle tickets, please call the office on 01394 380643.

Save The Date

Suffolk Horse Spectacular

13th September 2020

Now you have your 2020 calendars, its time to mark the date for this year's Suffolk Horse Spectucular! 

It will be taking place at Marks Hall in Coggeshall, Essex again, as last year was such a success, and we hope to repeat that this year!

We will be having the usual wonderful display of Suffolks in various disciplines, as well as other attractions such as dog agility, farriery demonstrations, timber snigging, and archery. Put Sunday 13th September in your diary now.