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The SHS Offices will be closed from 23rd December 2020 - 4th January 2021. Phone messages and emails will not be checked during this time. In emergencies please call 07757 995594. If you have a medical emergency with a horse, please contact your vet. 


Did you know, the Suffolk horse breed, as we know it today, can be traced back to 1768?

The Suffolk Horse Society (SHS) was founded in 1877 and since then has maintained the stud book and the breed standard. We are the ONLY charity that supports all Suffolk horse owners and breeders.

Suffolk Horses are registered as Critically Endangered by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Less than 500 pure bred Suffolk horses are registered in the UK now, making them more endangered that the Giant Panda. The Suffolk Horse Society raise funds to pay for breeding grants, showing grants, and for research into breeding techniques to prevent the breed from dying out. 

Traditionally the Suffolk Horse was bred to work the clay soil of East Anglia, but today the Suffolk Horse has become a more versatile breed. It is still used for agricultural work, ploughing and timber hauling, particularly in conservation areas. But it is also shown in-hand and in turnout classes. It is driven in parades, promotions, competitions, and Suffolk horses are increasingly being ridden and even compete in gymkhana and agility!

How can you help?

By becoming a member of the SHS.

Your subscription and donations will help fund what this charity does:

• Pays Breeding Grants to Mare & Stallion Owners.

• Pays Travel Grants to owners to help promote the horse, enabling more people to see these wonderful animals.

• Organises Training days for Members and new owners to help pass on the skills required to manage and work these horses.

• Maintains a bank of frozen semen for future use by breeders worldwide.

• Funds veterinary and scientific work to assist in the breeding of Suffolk Horses. 

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Have a look through our pages, and if you can't find the information you need, then feel free to contact the office on 01394 460621 or sec@suffolkhorsesociety.org.uk

Latest News

2021 Stallion Listing Available

The latest version of the Stallion Listing Booklet is now available to download.

Stallion Listing Booklet 2021 (PDF)

With photographs, pedigrees etc for all 22 available stallions, this is a really useful resource for all mare owners. 

Also 2021 SPARKS reports for all mares are available. Please contact the office at sec@suffolkhorsesociety.org.uk if you own a mare, with her full pedigree name, to receive a copy of her SPARKS report.

Christmas Work Hours

The Suffolk Horse Society offices will be closed for Christmas between 23rd December and 3rd January. 

Emails will be checked periodically, but you may not get a response during this time.

If you have an urgent enquiry please use one of the following emergency phone numbers:  07764487707  /  07970636060

SHS Webinar - Dr Fred Barrelet will give a talk about Foal and Youngstock Management

We are really pleased to announce that after the success of our last webinar, we have another one planned. On Monday 19th October, Dr Fred Barrelet will give a talk about management of older foals and preventative healthcare. There will be a Q&A session following the talk.