Suffolk Horse Society The Charity that cares for the Suffolk Punch Founded 1877
Patron HRH The Princess Royal

Breed Characteristics

ColourChesnut. No other colour is allowed.   Historically 7 shades of chesnut were defined  Dark Liver, Dull Dark, Light Mealy, Red, Golden, Lemon and Bright. However The Society will accept   Liver, Dark, Red, Light, or Bright chesnut.Note   When referring to Suffolk horse chestnut is always spelled chesnut Whole-colour is preferred but a certain amount of white on the face is acceptable. A scattering of silver or white hairs on the body is allowed.  White to the fetlock is allowed but is regarded as a fault and is not acceptable for stallions being used for breeding. Hoof colour is not prescribed so will be either pigmented or unpigmented.
Height Height range at maturity is between 15¾ hands and 17 hands.Note  There are instances of individual animals exceeding 17hh.
HeadBig with broad forehead but elegant, shapely and well proportioned.
EyesWell set, full, bright and intelligent.
NeckDeep in collar tapering gracefully towards the setting of the head.
ShoulderLong and muscular, well thrown back at the withers.
GirthIn proportion to height.
BackWide and level.Graceful outline in back, loin and hind quarters with tail well set up.
Fore-EndBroad in front. Great depth of heart with every appearance of strong constitution.
Hind-QuartersBroad behind with good second thighs
RibsDeep round ribbed from shoulder to flank
LegsLegs short in proportion to body.Fore legs straight. Pasterns well sloping at the same angle as the hoof, big flat knees and long clean hocks on short cannon bones.Elbows turned in are a serious defect as are straight hind legs.
BoneGood flat bone with strength below the knee and hock.
FeetLarge strong feet circular in form protecting the frog. Wide coronet. Strong open heel.   
HairClean legged. Minimal hair allowed at heels
Action – WalkSmart and true. Quick springing action with hocks kept fairly near together.
Action - TrotWell balanced level movement with good straight action.

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Calling all Stallion Owners of the UK 

The forms for recording the coverings your stallion has undertaken this season have now been sent out. Please remember to fill them in as soon as possible and return to the SHS Office. 

The deadline for returns is 1st October 2017.

 Australia's Using Science to Increase Suffolk Numbers. 

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  Forms for Turnout Grants now available here!  Turnout Grants

Attention all Suffolk horse owners.

Is your Equine Passport up to date? It is a UK LEGAL requirement to tell us IMMEDIATELY if

  • your horse has died and you have not returned the passport
  • if you have bought a horse and not arranged for the passport to be endorsed into your name

Trading standards can fine owners in possession of incorrect passports.  Click here to see the Legal Responsibility of Owners.